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6 Hilarious Bird Meme Ideas to Make Your Own

May 25, 2021

If you’ve been a bird enthusiast for a long time, then you’ve probably heard some good bird jokes. While bird jokes may not be funny to the everyday person, if you own birds or watch birds, you can certainly find the humor behind these jokes. 

Thanks to the internet, bird jokes have now expanded into memes. There are some hilarious bird memes out there that will have you chuckling all the way to the bird feeder. 

Keep reading to discover 5 hilarious bird meme ideas. 

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1. Foolish Hoomans Meme 

Angry bird meme 

This “Foolish Hoomans” meme is perhaps one of the best bird memes out there. Growing up, you probably had your parents tell you never to reach your hand inside a bird’s nest to touch the baby birds. Many parents warned that if you did this, the mother would abandon her babies. 

Well, if you did this as a child, you can rest assured knowing that you weren’t responsible for a mother bird abandoning its young, as this is just a myth

However, as this meme insinuates, you should still avoid touching birds. For one thing, most birds don’t like to be touched. Additionally, touching a bird can result in disease passing, both from human to bird or bird to human.

If you see a bird in the wild, admire its presence, and don’t reach out to touch it

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2. The Bird With a Bad Haircut Meme

Bird with bad haircut meme

We can all probably relate to a time when one of our parents gave us a horrendous haircut. For many children growing up in the 80s and 90s, it was the bowl-cut. 

This hilarious meme depicts a bird with the awful bowl-cut look that so many of us had to sport growing up. However, this isn’t just any random bird with a bowl-cut. This bird is Barry the Canary, who went viral thanks to his hilarious human-like haircut. Barry is a Gloster Canary, and he even has his own Instagram page with over 10,000 followers

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Gloster Canaries are songbirds native to England. Like Barry, other Gloster Canaries share the same “stylish” hairdo. While these birds may be perpetually suffering from a bad hair day, they’re friendly creatures that enjoy eating seeds and berries. 

3. Bird Blushing Meme

Bird blushing meme 

This meme of a bird blushing is just plain adorable. Not only is it adorable, but it’s also factually accurate. Believe it or not, some birds actually blush to communicate. Just as facial expressions can be a sign of a human’s emotional state, so too can a bird’s cheeks be a sign of well-being. 

Most often, you’ll notice parrots blushing due to the wide area of white skin on their cheeks. When a parrot blushes, it often indicates that they’re feeling extreme emotion. For example, they may be feeling angry, excited, playful, or threatened

4. Pigeon With Bread Meme 

Pigeon with bread around its neck 

It’s almost impossible not to chuckle at this meme of a pigeon with a piece of bread wrapped around its neck. 

It’s no secret that birds love bread. When you’re walking through the park, you’ll often see someone sitting on a bench throwing pieces of crumpled bread onto the ground for birds to come and eat. 

But, just because birds love bread doesn’t mean they should be eating. While some birds can eat vegetables, fruits, and seeds, birds shouldn’t be eating any processed human food. 

Not only does bread not provide any nutritional value to birds, but moldy bread can actually harm birds. So while it may look cute to toss some slices of bread onto the ground and watch the birds gather, the truth is, you’re much better off leaving the birds alone. If you really want to help feed birds, you can set up a bird feeder in your yard. 

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5. Early Bird Meme 

Early bird meme

We’ve all heard the saying, “the early bird gets the worm.” This saying essentially means that being first at something or waking up early to get the job done will improve your chances of success. 

The reason the saying is “the early bird” instead of any other animal should be obvious to anyone who is a light sleeper- birds are known for chirping loudly in the morning. While the sound of birds chirping can be beautiful, it can also be irksome to those who don’t want to wake up at the crack of dawn. 

However, you can rest assured knowing that birds aren’t chirping that early in the morning to annoy you. The birds that chirp in the morning are typically male birds, and they’re doing so to lay claim to their territory. 

For a long time, scientists believed that birds chose to chirp during the morning hours because the morning is usually the coolest and driest time of the day. However, scientists found that the reason birds tend to chirp so early in the morning is due to a lack of wind. Without the wind, their female counterparts can hear their songs more clearly. 

6. Coffee Owls

Brown - Coffee Owls Half-Caf Regular Decaf Expresso

Smart! Stealthy! Adorable?? Owls are not animals that we generally refer to as adorable, but these wacky souls have captured our attention, and our hearts. From their silly facial expressions, wacky body gestures, to their sweet smiles, these creatures are awwmazing! Just have a look for yourselves. Owls are determined animals, they move with strength and purpose all while looking hilarious.

Owls are determined animals, they move with strength and purpose all while looking hilarious. These super birds make us want to learn more about them and all of their bird friends.  Owls are funny creatures with a lot of surprising facts about them. One interesting fact is that they have weirdly long legs - and they walk around with them. Determinedly. Like they're late to a meeting. Or they're thinking very deeply about an important subject that is too important to talk to you about.

We can just imagine this squad's Starbucks order now. "The one cup for you, ah yes and de caf for you." "Awake!"  "Yeah you know."  "What's your favourite Starbucks item?" "I love how the beans are just awesome." "Awake!" "Oh, they also have a lot of different things to try"

Hilarious Bird Memes: Conclusion 

As you can see, there are some pretty funny bird memes out there. Now, it’s time for you to send these memes along to your bird-loving friends so everyone can have a laugh. 

And, if you’re looking to learn more about birds, check out BirdBot’s surveys.