Educating and Connecting People with Birds
A Bird Watching Camera Built to Inspire and Educate People About Birds
Early Bird Access
The vision of BirdBot
The Misson

Why we're here

We believe that discovering, identifying, and learning about birds should be accessible to everyone - no matter your experience or age (e.g., hobbyists, enthusiasts & researchers).

The technology

How we get there

Consider BirdBot your highly seasoned birdwatching companion capable of recognizing hundreds of species of birds instantly. By utilizing cutting edge advances in AI, BirdBot is able to accurately & automatically identify bird species from images and video. Our computer vision models are trained on 600,000+ images of various bird species from around the world.

Current Vision AI Applications

What can BirdBot do?

Bird Species AI

BirdBot is focused on providing accurate bird data at the snap of a photo. It is our goal to categorize and integrate all common bird species around the world. We have currently categorized over +600,000 bird photos across +600 different bird species. Our current models are preforming at 85.62% accuracy across all of the current photos and videos analyzed. As time goes on we plan to expand our team of bird experts to ensure our model is always improving.


Log Bird Populations

While BirdBot is teaching you about birds, it is also logging the birds it sees. This data is highly essential for tracking bird populations and will be provided to ornithology labs around the world. This data will also be accessible for free on our website. So people can look at heatmaps and track birds in realtime around the world. We hope that this map is not only fun, but helps researchers better understand migratory patterns and bird behavior.


Disease and Injury

Just like humans, birds can also get sick or hurt. BirdBot is also programmed to be aware of common bird illnesses and injuries. If BirdBot notices something out of the ordinary like a bird with Feather Mites. The bird will be logged and information about the condition will be sent to your app. Intervention is sometimes okay, but knowing the situation is essential to making that choice. Helping keep you and the birds safe.